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PSD Announces New Strategic Plan
PSD Announces New Strategic Plan
Posted on 03/10/2023
PSD Announces New Strategic Plan

The Puyallup School district has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence and providing high-quality education and learning opportunities to students. However, as we have learned in recent years, it is increasingly important that we continuously improve and adapt to meet the changing needs of students and community. Puyallup School District’s new strategic plan approved by the School Board on March 6, 2023 will help guide these efforts.
Through the completion of a robust needs assessment and with the mission, vision, and theory of action as a foundational guide, five priority areas have been identified as areas of focus over the next five years. By clearly identifying these five areas of focus, the district will be able to pursue an intentional and targeted approach to meeting the district's needs and allocating resources to meet those needs.  

  • Academic Achievement  
  • Family and Community Engagement  
  • Social-Emotional Supports  
  • Staff Development, Culture, and Satisfaction  
  • Facilities, Safety, and Security 

Serving as our compass over the next five years, this plan will allow us to inventory initiatives and identify where we need to put our time, resources, and focus. Aligning our most critical needs and priorities will allow us to prepare and empower every student to reach their full potential and to thrive in school, society, work, and life.