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Dyslexia Screening for Grades K-1
Dyslexia Screening for Grades K-1
Posted on 01/20/2023
Dyslexia Screening for Grades K-1

Puyallup School District assesses literacy skills for young learners in a variety of ways. Understanding a child’s baseline skills early on in their educational journey helps determine what additional supports may be needed to measure progress to set them up for success. Research shows that early identification and intervention are critical in successful reading development.

School districts in Washington state will 
screen students in grades K-1 for weaknesses in literacy skill development that may be associated with dyslexia. Information obtained through screening will help teachers plan instruction and determine what additional help may be needed. Fall conferences are a time for teachers to collaborate with families about student literacy development, screening results, and potential classroom supports.

For more information and to understand the literacy screening process, 
click here.