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2022 Fall PSD Family Stakeholder Survey Results
2022 Fall PSD Family Stakeholder Survey Results
Posted on 01/13/2023
2022 Fall PSD Family Stakeholder Survey Results

In October 2022, Puyallup School District (PSD) conducted a stakeholder survey to evaluate student views of teaching and learning, culture and climate, and student experiences in the classroom and other areas. As the district continues to enhance communication, academic programs, and overall experience for everyone, PSD values feedback from all stakeholders.

Results from the survey's administration are below. The district believes sharing this data with families and the community is beneficial and provides them more information to support and promote child growth and development. According to research, involving all stakeholders in student learning is essential for successful student performance.

Over the next few months, the district will evaluate its areas of strength and growth based on the panorama stakeholder survey data.   

PSD expresses gratitude to the community for its considerate support now and throughout the school year. Families should contact their child’s school with any questions about the survey data.

Learn more about panorama surveys here.