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Public Schools Week is Feb. 21-25
Public Schools Week is Feb. 21-25
Posted on 02/22/2022

We invite everyone to help us celebrate Public Schools Week Feb. 21-25, 2022!  This nationwide observance recognized by the National School Board Association, highlights how public schools provide education to more than 51 million students. In addition to offering education for children in kindergarten through 12th grade, public schools provide early childhood education, meals, special needs supports, and family resources.
 PSD educates nearly 22,500 students across 34 schools, depending on approximately 3,000 teachers and staff to maximize opportunities for all children. The district strives to provide equitable access for students of all races, colors, lifestyles, languages, and abilities. 

 “We believe Public schools are the great equalizer for kids and families.  From lifting students out of generational poverty to setting up young adults on a path to a fulfilling life, public schools are committed to keeping students safe and keeping students learning,” says Superintendent Dr. John Polm.

Puyallup has a tradition of providing programs that establish, maintain, and enhance student success.   From Kindergarten through 12th grade, learning opportunities exist that enrich school experiences and set students up for college and career. 
READY! For Kindergarten:  Available in multiple languages, free workshops provide parents and caregivers of children birth to age 5 with tools and activities to nurture early learning and development so that children are successful in kindergarten.  Workshops provide tools to help guide learning activities with children.  
Kindergarten Academy:  Free for children entering Kindergarten in the Fall, this 20-week, early-entrance program is designed to assist young learners who would benefit from additional support to be successful in kindergarten.  The program runs January through June every year and is available to families who reside within the Puyallup School District attendance boundaries.  Enrollment is based on need and occurs every November for students who are planning on Kindergarten the following fall. 
Spanish Dual Language Program:  This enrichment program is the most effective way for a student to learn a second language.  Students completing the program are biliterate, bicultural, and academically oriented.  The Puyallup School District joins a select number of districts offering this program for students in grades K through 4 at Dessie Evans and Karshner Elementary only.   
Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID):  Designed to increase schoolwide learning and performance, this academic support program prepares students for college eligibility and success.  The mission of AVID is to ensure that the students who have the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard will succeed in a rigorous curriculum.  
Career and Technical Education:  Provides junior and high school students access to meaningful post-secondary opportunities in a highly competitive, global economy.  In Puyallup, CTE courses provide real-world, real-life skills through academics and training.  We are committed to ensuring each student obtains the essential skills necessary to succeed in a career that provides them with a sustainable living family wage. 
Highly Capable Programs: The Puyallup School District offers a continuum of services for highly capable students in grades K-12. The Highly Capable programs are designed to provide a challenging, accelerated and enriched curriculum through a broad range of accelerated instruction, services, and experiences.
Support Public Schools Week by thanking a teacher, principal, school staff member, coach, bus driver, custodian, or other PSD employee. Thank you to all Puyallup students, families, teachers, staff, and community supporters who work tirelessly every day to build a strong community through education!