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Principal Appreciation Month
October is Principal Appreciation Month
Posted on 10/05/2021

October is School Principal Appreciation Month and a time of year we honor and recognize all the hard work school leaders do to support staff, students, and families.  This administrative team comprised of 34 principals and 31 assistant principals give unwavering support with patience, compassion, and dedication.  Principals continually drive student achievement while maintaining a positive environment, managing school safety, creating family engagement, addressing a wide range of student needs, addressing transportation challenges, and more.

As we move out of the pandemic, their leadership is critical now more than ever before as we focus on recovery and learning is accelerated. 

Puyallup School District is grateful for the dedication and commitment of this team.  Thank your favorite principal today! 

Beth Simpson
Brouillet Elementary
Principal Beth Simpson
Asst. Principal Marlo Harmsen

 Abigail Chandler
Carson Elementary
Principal Abigail Chandler
Asst. Principal Mary Elizabeth Gendreau

Kevin Hampton
Dessie F. Evans Elementary 
Principal Kevin Hampton
Asst. Principal Kris Diamond

 Eric Molver
Edgerton Elementary
Principal Eric Molver
Asst. Principal Alexa Williams

Terrie Garrison
Firgrove Elementary 
Principal Terrie Garrison
Asst. Principal David Couch

Craig Nelson
Fruitland Elementary
Principal Craig Nelson
Asst. Principal Kate Kranzush

Derrick Pete
Hunt Elementary 
Principal Derrick Pete
Asst. Principal Lauralee Chamberlain

Lashawnda Baldwin
Karshner Elementary
Principal Lashawnda Baldwin

Susan Walton
Maplewood Elementary
Principal Susan Walton

 Pat Mcgregor
Meeker Elementary
Principal Pat McGregor

Judy Piger
Mt. View Elementary 
Principal Judy Piger

Michelle Zimnisky 
Northwood Elementary
Principal Michelle Zimnisky
Asst. Principal Kris Susee

Allison Hargroves
Pope Elementary
Principal Allison Hargroves
Asst. Principal Anne Mummert

Michelle Fox
Ridgecrest Elementary 
Principal Michelle Fox

Brian Curtis 
Shaw Road Elementary
Principal Brian Curtis
Asst. Principal Juliann Schlumpf

 Sari Burnett
Spinning Elementary
Principal Sari Burnett

Alyssa Donohue
Stewart Elementary
Principal Alyssa Donohue

 Lisa McNamara
Sunrise Elementary
Principal Lisa McNamara
Asst. Principal Tamera Marcoe

John Huson
Waller Road Elementary 
Principal John Huson

Jen Fox 
Wildwood Elementary
Principal Jen Fox
Asst. Principal Kate Kranzush

 Kari Helling
Woodland Elementary
Principal Kari Helling
Asst. Principal Jessica Gill

 Anthony Corrado
Zeiger Elementary
Principal Anthony Corrado
Asst. Principal Dani Baker

John Neal 
Aylen Junior High
Principal John Neal
Asst. Principal Teresa Clifton

 Lisa Kusche
Ballou Junior High
Principal Lisa Kusche
Asst. Principal Suzanne Cella

 Mark Knight
Edgemont Junior High
Principal Mark Knight
Asst. Principal Kris Susee

Brian Fosnck 
Ferrucci Junior High
Principal Brian Fosnick
Asst. Principal Stephanie Clarno

Tawana Bens 
Glacier View Junior High
Principal Tawana Bens
Asst. Principal Angela Shockey-Hilton

Guy Kovacs 
Kalles Junior High
Principal Guy Kovacs
Asst. Principal Angie Reed

 Troy Hodge
Stahl Junior High
Principal Troy Hodge
Asst. Principal Karey Richardson

Ed Crow 
Emerald Ridge High
Principal Ed Crow
Asst. Principal Juhi Bhatia
Asst. Principal Angelo Mills
Asst. Principal Angelina Quiles

Adriana Julian 
Puyallup Digital Learning
Principal Adriana Julian
Asst. Principal Felita Poole
Asst. Principal Annabelle Tsuneyoshi

Dave Sunich 
Puyallup High 
Principal Dave Sunich
Asst. Principal Mark Barnes
Asst. Principal Melayne Jones
Asst. Principal Cassie Ridenour

Jason Smith 
Rogers High
Principal Jason Smith
Asst. Principal Nalisha Carter
Asst. Principal Anne Hoban
Asst. Principal Sam Sharpe

Michael Sanchez 
Walker High
Principal Michael Sanchez