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In March, the District asked staff and families to participate in a  Recovery Plan survey  asking respondents to weigh in on how recovery resources should be allocated.  Most survey respondents agreed that providing mental health services and addressing learning loss should be the primary focus.  

Over 3,000 respondents rated their level of agreement on how resources should be allocated in reference to the specific academic and wellness activities listed below:

• Activities authorized by Elementary Secondary Education Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, Perkins, or McKinney-Vento.
Coordination of COVID-19 preparedness and response efforts
Providing principals and other school leaders with resources to address individual needs
Purchasing supplies to sanitize and clean school facilities and training staff on sanitization protocols
Procedures and systems to improve district preparedness and response efforts
Purchasing educational technology for students
Providing mental health services and supports
Planning and implementing summer learning and supplemental afterschool programs
Addressing learning loss among students
School facility repairs and improvements to reduce risk of virus transmission
Inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, replacement, and upgrade projects to improve the air quality in school facilities

Most respondents to the survey strongly agree or agree that resources should be allocated to all the activities listed above. However, what stood out in the data is that a significant number of respondents, over 50%, strongly agree that providing mental health services and supports and addressing learning loss among students is where the district should prioritize resources.

A link to the survey results can be found by clicking here.