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Varsity Letter for Volunteer Service
Varsity Letter in Volunteer Service Awards
Posted on 06/09/2021

Congratulations to 82 students who have earned a Varsity Letter in Volunteer Servicefor the month of June. In total, 150 students in grades 7-12 have earned a varsity letter in community service for the 2020-21 school year.  

This year marks the 5th year of students being able to earn a varsity letter in community service. What began in the 2016-17 school year, has now turned into tradition here in Puyallup. Our students and schools recognize the importance of giving back and modeling a ‘service above self’ life. Two times a year we honor students who have earned a varsity letter in volunteer service. 
Students in grades 7 through 12 are eligible for this program and they must complete at least 150 hours of community service. This year that requirement was been adjusted to 75 hours. Students are then required to document volunteer experiences through pictures and video, and then submit a 250 to 500-word reflection essay on how their service has made an impact on their life and community. Students can receive a varsity letter for every 150 volunteer hours accumulated, up to a maximum of 2 letters in Volunteer Service per year. 
Over time, these students have volunteered in a variety of activities. A number of school clubs - like Key Club, Interact Club, and Builders Club - exist in school to provide an opportunity to serve. In addition, all of our schools participate in March Gladness. The most recognizable manifestation of volunteer work in our district resulting in near to a hundred community service projects and opportunities. March Gladness –an effort through Community In Schools – is just another opportunity when students can practice service above self and make meaningful connections. 
Congratulations to all our Volunteer Service Award recipients for your selfless efforts in making our community a better place.

Ballou Junior High

Amelia Tucker 

Kalles Junior High
Hailey  Kim 
Connor Lance 
Rose Spagnolo 
Lexie Yates

Stahl Junior High
Alexandria  Bonner 

Emerald Ridge High School
Jacqueline Cazares-Blas 
Brooke Elmore 
Yahir Gonzalez 
Spencer Hensley 
Elena  Husarik 
Cindy  Kuc 
Erica  Losey 
Ally Rogoway 
Gavin Sayles 
Noah Stalker 
Riley Stalker 

Puyallup High School
Shantanu Adekar 
Madelyn Allen 
Darya Baker 
Sarah Bradshaw 
Victoria Brohard 
Sophany Chhoeun 
Carli Childres 
Kendal Clifton 
Shaelynn Cuenca 
Kira  Denham 
Esly Diaz 
Hannah Dunigan 
Giselle Flores 
Jane Gorski
Lydia Hedman 
Peter Herrick 
Abby  Highley 
Callie  Highley 
Samuel Hong 
Chellsey Hughes 
Callie Johnson 
Alison Johnson 
Maneet  Kaur 
Alexis  Kerzie 
Angela Kim 
Patrick Kim 
Simarpreet  Kour 
John Lee
Isabella Lettiere 
Jayde Lewallen 
Mankirat Mann 
Zoey Marsh 
Daniel Millican 
Gurnoor  Nagra 
Faith Nelson 
Khiley  Paxoumthong 
Rhys Shah 
Alexander Stevens 
Abigail Swalling 
Mariah Thompson 
Ashlynn Tibbot
Millie Tran
Stephanie Vasquez 
Jason Warren
Kara Welborn 
Tahlia Williamson 

Rogers High School

Sophia Bender 
Alleixas Bukikosa 
Kaylee Carver 
Cameron  Casper 
Samuel Davidson 
Donavan Doan 
Austin Egan 
Alyssa Fortson 
Emilio Ganchorre 
Shanalyn Goulding
Jackson Gregoire 
Olivia Jaeger 
Kunwoo Min 
Julia  Odhiambo 
Michelle Owen 
Olivia Poyfair 
Angela  Trinidad 
Chloe Warmoth 
Erica Won