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Teachers Prepare for the First Day of School
Teachers Prepare for the First Day of School
Posted on 08/31/2020

As teachers throughout the District prepare for Full-Time Continuous (Distance) Learning 2.0, they are training, collaborating with one another on best practices, and preparing learning materials to distribute to students before the first day of school.

Schools are distributing books, laptops, and supplies to students while gearing up to partner with families to help all students be successful. Depending on the grade level, students receive textbooks, planners, reading books, journals, packets of learning materials, PE equipment, and personal notes from their teachers.

Teachers have spent days in professional development preparing for the start of schools. Some training course examples are:

  • Equity in Remote Learning
  • Technology Training Courses
  • Creating Team Links
  • Curriculum and Applications

Maplewood ElemAt Maplewood Elementary, Fourth Grade Teacher Hope Ernst will give students a video tour of their classroom, ready and waiting for their safe return. Each student has a desk with their name on it, and there is a birthday wall to celebrate each student throughout the year. All Maplewood students will receive personal notes and words of encouragement from their teachers and a note from the principal when they pick up their computer and packet of materials.

Hunt Kinder Teachers
Kindergarten and preschool teachers at Hunt Elementary gathered in Julie Cushman’s room recently to plan for live lessons, asynchronous learning, themes they will use with books students receive, and plans to meet online with families.

At Walker High School recently, staff discussed their Mission Statement, set goals for Response To Intervention (RTI), worked on group activities, and learned about resources and counseling support for students.

Preparing Students and Families for Success

Smart Start
The District will launch SMART Start on the first day of school. It is an intentional focus bringing school staff and families together to ensure a safe, meaningful, authentic, respectful, and timely (SMART) start to the school year.

Like the Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS) program, SMART Start is a plan to help ensure a successful start for all students and connects the key adults in a child’s life to school staff. Learn more about Smart Start.

Family University
A collection of Quick Tip videos and resources to help families and students is available on the District Website and includes:

  • Schoology
  • How to get technology help
  • Teams meeting

Visit Family University for these and more informational videos.

For more information on Reopening Schools visit the District Website Reopening Schools information page.