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PSD Athletic Update
PSD Athletic Update: In-person training begins Oct. 20 with strict safety protocols
Posted on 10/21/2020

PSD Athletic Update:  In-person training begins Oct. 20 with strict safety protocols

Student athletes in the Puyallup School District have the option to participate in modified in-person training beginning Oct. 20.  In-person training will follow strict health and safety requirements in accordance with state health guidelines and the state school athletics board (WIAA) based on county COVID case data.   

In-person training sessions will be conducted with a comprehensive list of safety requirements and protocols that will be firmly followed.  All participants will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entering the facility and masks will be required, unless participating in strenuous activity.  Student athletes will work in groups (pods) of six or less and physical distancing will be enforced.  Pods will be spaced accordingly during conditioning sessions.

This in-person training opportunity allows student-athletes to train in safe and controlled environments while fostering social and emotional well-being through sports. 

Extracurricular Activities (non-athletic):  Groups of 6 or less students will be allowed to meet on campus for optional extracurricular activities.  Like in-person athletic training, strict health and safety measures will be enforced.  Extracurricular meetings require building administration approval.  

Link to the Athletic Newsroom for additional details …