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How are we keeping staff students safe?
How are we Keeping Staff and Students Safe and Well?
Posted on 01/07/2021

Now more than ever, the health, safety and well-being of our staff and students is at the forefront of all we do.  Adjustments have been made to our school environment to keep everyone safe and well.  Our Return to School Playbook has been updated with information on how we continue to adapt schools, classrooms, large spaces, and transportation; in addition to providing information on our COVID-19 positive response guidance and protocol. Here are some additional highlights:

Enhanced PPE:  Although the overall health risk for the typical K-12 in-person instructional setting is classified as ‘low risk’ by the state, a variety of PPE is available to all staff. The District is staged to accommodate staff who require specific/enhanced PPE. 

 Daily Health Screen:  Submitting an electronic daily health screen form is required of every student each day before boarding the bus or being dropped off at school.

In-classroom temperature checks: Staff will check the temperature of students after entering the classroom. Schools and families have a shared responsibility in monitoring current health conditions of students.

Rapid testing for staff:  A free COVID-19 rapid testing pilot program for employees will launch Jan. 25.  Tests have been donated by the City of Puyallup and will be available to asymptomatic employees, on a voluntary basis, as a countermeasure for disease transmission.

 Wellness:  The pandemic has impacted everything, from how we teach and learn to how we interact with others. These changes can lead to anxiety and stress.  The District has a number of resource choices and options available to staff and students like our Employee Assistance Program for staff and, just recently, our Mindset Matters video series for students and families.  It’s important to not suffer alone.