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Family Feedback

Obtaining family feedback is an important element in our planning as taskforce work continues and we plan for the re-opening of schools in September.  

With the combined efforts of over 70+ taskforce members, and feedback submitted from nearly 12,000 parents, the recommendation was provided to the School Board to move forward in focused planning for a Hybrid A/B Schedule Instructional model.  This model would allow for 2 days of in-person instruction, and 3 days of continuous (distance) learning each week.  Summer planning will focus on the implementation and details of this model across grade levels, in addition to an evolution of our continuous (distance) learning model in the event we need to adapt based on the potential of future outbreaks. 

Planning will continue to be a collaborative effort among our taskforce members, labor partners, and school representatives.  We will continue to use the data collected as we make decisions in the upcoming weeks.   

If you have questions or would like to provide comments, please email [email protected]