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Capital Projects Update
Capital Projects Update
Posted on 01/05/2021

Capital Projects: Update

The Ballou and Stahl junior high expansion projects are on time and on budget and will be completed by fall 2021. The projects include additional classroom space, increased safety and security, and instructional spaces to accommodate specific program needs.

 The Ferrucci Junior High expansion project design phase is near completion and construction will begin spring 2021 with completion scheduled for fall 2022.

 Kessler Center

Construction on the new Kessler Center at the District’s Support Campus on South Hill continues. Programs that serve Puyallup students, such as Puyallup Digital Learning and the Advance Program, will be relocated there to improve efficiency, save costs, and reduce the need for ongoing leased building space. The Kessler center will open in fall 2021.

Visit Capital Projects to learn more and view construction progress on time-lapse cameras.