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Puyallup teachers making personal contacts
"Wherever we are working, our focus is still on our students!"
Posted on 03/29/2020
Puyallup teachers are supporting students and families

Puyallup teachers are making personal contacts with all 23,000 students and their families.
They will continue to partner with them and provide support for the needs of each student throughout the school closure. #puyallupstrong

See our educators in action with the slideshow below. Click on the photos to learn what they are doing.

Wherever we are, the focus in on our students

The student-teacher connection continues to thrive during the school closures. While they can’t be together in the classroom right now, teachers are using many innovative ways to keep students engaged and accountable while they continue to learn and be challenged. These educators are also working with students to reinforce the lessons learned so far this school year.

The Puyallup School District is dedicated to keeping students at the center of our work through the school closures; our instructional leadership team has an intentional lens to design learning for equity and access for students. We will provide instruction and student support that builds on student’s strengths, interests, and needs and uses this knowledge to positively impact students. The focus for our educators will be to plan for student learning, develop a weekly plan and schedule, contact families, teach content, delivery flexible instruction, and engage families.

Family Educational Resources

In addition to personal instruction from teachers, the district has placed Family Educational Resources for families and students on our website. These resources are not meant to be a substitute for classroom instruction; however, they will help students review information and practice skills while not in the classroom. The information is separated by elementary, junior high, and high school and by grades. Students can access curriculum for math, science, and reading, view videos, and other educational resources.

Listen to a Great Book at Home

Has your student finished their favorite book and wants to take the AR test? Would they like to listen to district staff reading books? Visit the Listen to a Great Book at Home to learn more.

Firgrove ElementaryOn Monday, March 23 Firgrove Elementary third grade teacher Caitlin Nelson sat outside the school building waiting for one of her students to meet her there to pick up a lesson packet. She prepared the packets for each of her students. It consists of math and science activities, daily writing assignments and a journal, and instructions to record daily work. The packet provides directions to log into the district Schoology and Clever portals to access more assignments and resources, and to participate in online group activities with classmates. She also provided four library books to each student from her personal library.

At Dessie F. Evans Elementary there are packets to support specific programs such as the Dual Language and Learning Assistance Program (LAP). “We are being super diligent about making connections during this time,” says Assistant Principal Kris Diamond. She pointed out that Facebook is one way many schools are keeping students connected, staying visible, and providing information for families.

These are examples that are occurring around the district to maintain student momentum, continue to be available to help them, and to stay connected. Teachers are collaborating to develop instructional plans and establish ways to continue to communicate with families and students.

Supporting our Community

There are many other ways employees continue to support children and the community.

Serving LunchThe week of March 23, the Food and Nutrition Services and support staff prepared and delivered an average of 3,000 meals per day to students. The grab-and-go lunch and breakfast bags can be picked up from 11 a.m. – 12 noon at elementary schools. The food is handed out at a station outside of the school where students can walk up, or parents can ‘drive-through’ and receive the meals.

Puyallup School District staff are hosting daycare for the children of First Responders and Health Care workers plan to continue to provide this service while schools are closed.

District Health Services Coordinator Emily Powell collected 1,300 surplus N-95 facial masks and protective gear from Puyallup schools and delivered them to Multicare.

Please visit the Puyallup School District website for more information on the district activities and calendar, and to find COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions and links to more information.

We invite you to also visit the Puyallup School District Facebook and the individual school Facebook sites to view many more examples of how our staff is supporting students and happenings around the district.