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The results are in
The results are in
The results are in

We are pleased to present the results of our annual discussion asking, "What are some things you think we are doing well and some things we can focus on in order to improve?"

Staff, students, parents, and community members were all part of the conversation January 7-16 using Thoughtexchange.

The Thoughtexchange tool was built using sound social research theories and leverages the power of group intelligence. Using the principles of collaborative negotiation, the Thoughtexchange tool engages participants in meaningful ways and allows people to consider a variety of perspectives. As a result, the data gathered provides us with an idea of the shared values and shared concerns.

We hope you will take time to explore the results by visiting the specially designed website showing all thoughts. Click here to visit the website.

Comments are presented in six themes and are shown in order of agreement. The themes include learning environment, support services, leadership and staff, safety and security, and stakeholder engagement, as well as a category of other which contains general statements which don't align with a specific category or overall of the district.

We would like to thank the 1,635 participants for taking the time to consider and rank 46,718 thoughts others shared. Your voice matters.