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Tech Squad members address the Board of Directors
Tech Squad members address the Board of Directors
Posted on 10/19/2018
A swath of lime green t-shirts in the audience meant something special was going to take place. Junior high members of the Puyallup School District’s Tech Squad sat expectantly – waiting for the meeting to begin.

Instructional Coach for Technology Nancy Nelson gathered the students at the school board meeting on this evening so they could address the members of the board, letting them know what they enjoy about their work. In addition, a Tech Squad teacher leader from Aylen, Edgemont, and Kalles junior highs spoke – all wearing their lime green.

The Tech Squad program was implemented one year ahead of the technology roll out of one-to-one devices to make sure students could support themselves with the new technology. The goal of the Tech Squad has been to empower students to recognize they could learn and help each other learn as well.

The idea of a Tech Squad came from Nelson, who has shared responsibility and credit with several colleagues throughout the district. Region III Tech Squad Coordinators joined Nelson at the podium to share thoughts about the program as it takes place in each of their schools. Stacy Leeper (Aylen), Colleen Britt (Edgerton), and Heidi Matson (Kalles) each spoke to the work being done by Tech Squad members at their school.

“Although the model has become something different at each of the junior highs,” said Nelson, “one common outcome appears to be the development of a culture of supporting each other and learning together.” With the Tech Squad members trained at each grade level, teachers could call on a student to help solve a technology issue rather than stopping instruction themselves.

Four Aylen students addressed the board of directors. Jessica Blynov, Chris Brown, Gavin Pitts, and Laetisha Salao shared their perspective then presented directors with a Tech Squad shirt (lime green) making them honorary members. All students present were invited to shake hands with the directors, who thanked them for their work.