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Students practice interview skills
Students practice interview skills
Posted on 03/19/2019
Students practice interview skills

Ninth grade students at Ferrucci Junior High are preparing for future job interviews. They are learning what to wear, how to present themselves, and practicing answering questions.

Ferrucci studentsThe second annual Ignite the Future career conference took place on March 8.  The event focused on preparing ninth graders to find their first employment. They participated in mock interviews with community members and listened to guest speakers from the community.

More than 50 business professionals from the community participated. They volunteered as guest speakers describing their careers, and they met with students individually for mock interviews. This year seventh and eighth grade students were invited to listen to the speakers.

The community volunteers represented a diverse range of businesses and colleges. A few examples included an airline pilot, police officer, health care professionals, arts, music, banking, automotive, home improvement, and real estate.

Students prepare for the interviews during Life Issues class. They create resumes, identify experience and skills they have, and practice answering interview questions. They have an opportunity to build skills  on ‘Muffin Mondays’ where they can interview guests to get more comfortable speaking on a professional level to someone they don’t know.

Ferrucci studentThe event is coordinated by Ferrucci Career and Technical Education teachers Susannah Youngquist and Brittney Emmett. They collaborate throughout the year in order to make the event a success. “I feel like it’s essential to connect our local business community to our schools as we are helping to shape THEIR future employees,” says Youngquist.  

Students are asked to wear clothing appropriate for an interview. The school collects professional clothing donations throughout the year, and clothing is available for students to borrow if needed. 

Younquist says the message they want to communicate to students is be prepared before a job opportunity comes their way.

Before the interview, students gathered in the gym where Kim Newberry from ROLLINC Staffing spoke to them about interview preparation and provided tips on how to connect their experience to employment skills.

Students receive a score on their interview. The score also considers attire and resume. The total points they can receive is 120 points, and if they get between 100-120 they receive the “On Fire, Ready to Hire” designation meaning they did exceptionally well.

“We have had such a great response from local businesses and hope to continue to grow our reach and get more local businesses involved!” says Youngquist.

Ignite the Future is also held at Kalles and Glacier View junior highs.