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Students give back through community service
Students dedicated to helping others
Posted on 03/14/2019
Students dedicated to helping others

There is a lot of kindness going around at Sunrise Elementary. Students are complementing one another using words like nice, sweet, funny, thank you, and cool. Teachers are thanking students for helping in class and being amazing. 

Sunrise students

All of these kind words are displayed on the walls of the library for students, staff, and visitors to read. Anyone can add to the gallery by writing something nice about someone at Sunrise.


When asked how he decided what to write on his card, second-grade student Rylen Gunter replied, “Chase is my best friend!”


The “Throw Kindness Like Confetti!” project is one example of many events taking place across the district through the Communities In Schools of Puyallup March Gladness program.


Every January through March, schools throughout the district develop and carry out projects that benefit the community. The vision of March Gladness is to encourage students to make community service a part of their lives. This year’s theme is “Let your heart be seen in 2019.”

 Sunrise Elementary

Another Sunrise project this year is the “Hearts to Hands” supply drive. The donations provide craft and activity kits to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital for distribution to children. Fifth- and sixth-grade leadership students began collecting in January, and the supplies will be delivered this week. Items include craft and activity kits, coloring books, sketch pads, notebooks, flash cards, books, puzzles, colored pencils, crayons, and more.


“We collected a lot of supplies, and I feel really proud of us because we are helping others,” says fifth grader Mandy Li.


Some other projects taking place throughout the district include Seattle Children’s Hospital fundraiser, donation drive for Ashley House, coin drive for Sunny Skies Animal Rescue & Hospital, and cash for cancer.

The vision of March Gladness is to encourage students to make community service a part of their lives. March Gladness strengthens students' sense of civic engagement by helping them to achieve their educational development and social goals through participation in community service projects.

“The power of March Gladness to inspire our students to serve others, and the community engagement is amazing to see. This community excels in its support for one another.”  
Jan Mauk, Executive Director, Communities In Schools of Puyallup

Nancy French