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State directed funds for junior high improvements
State directed funds for junior high improvements
Posted on 12/03/2018
State directed funds provide opportunity for junior high improvements

The Puyallup School Board has approved a plan to expand four junior high schools. The projects will focus on additional classroom space, increased safety and security, and instructional spaces to accommodate specific program needs.

The expansion of Ballou, Ferrucci, Stahl, and Edgemont will not cost taxpayers additional money. Based on state calculations, Puyallup School District has qualified for $77.5 million in matching state funds.

The voter approved 2015 School Construction and Facility Improvements Bond projects have allowed the district to meet the requirements of the program to receive the additional funds, which are targeted for construction projects.
JH Projects

School safety and security
Ballou JHIncreasing safety and security for students and staff is ongoing and continues to be in the spotlight. The expansion plan will increase perimeter security by reducing the number of outside portables and securing building access.

Increasing capacity for growth
While student enrollment in the past five years has increased by nearly 1,500, most of the growth has been at the elementary level. Now is the time to prepare for nearly 12,000 elementary students who will advance to junior high in the coming years. Current projections show an additional increase of more than 1,300 students in the district by 2023. 

Improving instructional space
The Educational Specifications for junior highs were updated in 2017. They reflect changes in educational programs, school capacity, and new approaches to technology. The specifications recognize other elements in the overall master plan where specialized spaces are needed for programs such as drama, art, and special education.

Specifications are used by design professionals as a narrative describing the physical environment that will support Puyallup School District’s vision for new and modernized learning environments. They are also a measure of the success of the project, once completed.

The expansion projects include:

Ballou Junior High
•Construct: 8-12 additional classrooms.
•Safety and security: Enclose/adjoin buildings, secure back perimeter.
•Capacity: 1,000 students.
•Estimated completion in the fall 2021.

Stahl Junior High
• Construct: 8-12 additional classrooms.
• Safety and security: Added space will reduce portables and move students inside the secured building.
• Capacity: 1,000 students.
• Estimated completion in the fall 2021.

Ferrucci Junior High
• Construct: 8-12 additional classrooms and expand the office and commons.
• Safety and security: Office/commons reconfiguration to provide a more visible point of entry, expansion of     the bus loop and parking areas.
• Capacity: 1,000 students.
• Estimated completion in the fall 2022.

Edgemont Junior High
• Construct: 8 classroom addition.
• Capacity: 800 students.
• Estimated completion in the fall 2021.