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Our Story, Our Family
Our Story, Our Family
Posted on 09/28/2018

Our Story, Our Family

We launched a new video series called "Our Story, Our Family".  We hope you will watch, enjoy, and share these videos with others.  They can also be found on our Facebook page.  


In the first of a three part series viewers see how teachers make the
first day of school exciting year after year. Ben Muehlenbruch,
a teacher at Emerald Ridge High School, talks about his work to
keep the classroom exciting after 19 years in the profession. 

In a second video Ben tells students about three things that matter:
 1. Physical health, 2. Thoughts, and 3. Environment.
Taking control of what you can impacts your behavior.

In his third and final video we learn how Ben grew up in Puyallup
 and continues to serve in his community. Ben celebrates his students
 and credits them for providing him great inspiration.

Emerald Ridge High School is front and center for the “First Day of School” video
which features ASB president Ben Roscoe and Principal Richard Lasso
along with many ERHS students.

Three district employees tell us what they’ve done this summer to prepare
the schools for a new year. Meet Facilities Operations Manager Lucy Mathena,
Diesel Mechanic Cain Leyva, and Grounds Foreman Torrie Smith
as they tell us part of their summer story.

Superintendent Yeomans is featured in a video titled, “This Time of Year.”
Dr. Yeomans thanks teachers and other staff members for their work
 in preparation for the new school year.