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New partnership with Tacoma Art Museum
New partnership with Tacoma Art Museum
Posted on 06/20/2019
Providing a prestigious platform for young artists

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. There are various types of creative expression, such as painting, music, literature, and dance. The Puyallup School District recognizes the significant impact and importance art has in school and society.artist with her artwork in museum

The district honors student artists every year in the annual Vesey-Munson Art Show. The art show is the largest venue that provides student artists an audience for their creative expression. This year’s Vesey-Munson Art show winners are given a broader audience and gracious opportunity to showcase their talent.

Through the new partnership between the Puyallup School District and the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM), student’s artwork is among the over 5,000 pieces of art from famous artists of the Northwest and western region displayed in the museum.

father and  young daughter viewing artwork in museumThe district is proud and thankful for the partnership with TAM. The partnership allows extended opportunities for artistically creative students with a prestigious platform to be recognized and celebrated. By having the wonderful connection with TAM, students gain confidence, perspective, and are inspired to stretch themselves further to what is possible.

To view the student’s artwork on display in the Tacoma Art Museum, visit the museum during the month of July. TAM is located at 1701 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma WA 98402 in Tacoma’s Museum District.

Free admission is available Thursdays from 5-8 pm. For additional information visit the Tacoma Art Museum website.

Anne Martin