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ER and GV block schedule goes away in fall 2019
Changes coming to Emerald Ridge and Glacier view this fall
Posted on 04/01/2019
Changes coming to Emerald Ridge and Glacier View this fall

After thoughtful consideration, the Puyallup School Board voted unanimously to implement a six-period per day schedule for Glacier View Junior High and Emerald Ridge High School beginning fall 2019.

Emerald Ridge has had a block schedule since it opened in 2000, and Glacier View Junior High implemented the block schedule when it opened in 2008 to align with Emerald Ridge. Block scheduling has longer class periods which meet fewer times per week.

In a report to the board on March 18, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Christine Moloney stated, “The district leadership team is recommending the board consider a six-period day schedule for Emerald Ridge and Glacier View that embeds time for Response to Intervention (RTI) best practices.” Moloney oversees Region 1 in the district which includes Emerald Ridge and Glacier View.

Before making the tough decision at its March 18 meeting, the school board heard from district leadership on the process that led them to make the recommendation to return to the traditional schedule shared by the district’s other high schools and junior highs.

   ·    There are some instructional and equity issues with the block schedule which were addressed    
       between the PEA and district during bargaining in the summer 2018. The Memorandum of 
       Agreement stipulated that while work is done to identify solutions, staff members will receive 
       compensation for their loss of planning time. Compensation adds up to $126,403.40 for ERHS 
       and GV for the 2018-19 school year;
·    Input was solicited from parents, staff, and students using the ThoughtExchange tool to engage interaction and allow       people to respond anonymously with other participants; 
   ·    An initial report and public presentation were presented to the Puyallup School Board by Moloney on March 4, 2019;
   ·    A follow-up survey was conducted with Emerald Ridge and Glacier View staff, and discussion with principals.

 “The goal in reviewing the block schedule was to determine the bell schedules that best fit our students’ instructional needs, financial obligations, and to address concerns raised by staff,” says Moloney.

Puyallup School Board President Chris Ihrig says, “I’m particularly proud of how it brings us into alignment with the rest of the district, as well as addresses some financial consideration. At the bottom line, I think its best for the student results.”

Nancy French