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Board Highlights May 20, 2019
Highlights of the PSD School Board meeting: May 20, 2019
Posted on 05/23/2019

Directors met at Glacier View Junior High for their regularly scheduled meeting and began their meeting with District Highlights by recognizing 70 Outstanding Seniors.

Dr. Christine Moloney, chief academic officer, welcomed all seniors and their families to the meeting then invited principals from Emerald Ridge, Puyallup, Rogers, and Walker high schools and the Puyallup Digital Learning program to begin their recognition ceremony.

Principals honored seniors, reading short statements about their accomplishments and future plans. You can see these statements in a booklet published on the PSD website.

“On Friday and Saturday, June 14 and 15, these seniors will join nearly 1,800 others in graduation ceremonies,” said Moloney. “Tonight we congratulate these young men and women for a job well-done and look forward to the celebration for all graduating senior during commencement ceremonies.”

“We want to celebrate with all of you,” said Board President Chris Ihrig.  “We know the amount of work it took to get here tonight, and to all the families who were standing behind these students . . . It takes a community to get to this place.”

To view a photo gallery of District Highlights, visit the PSD website.

Report – Operations: Executive Director of Capital Technology Randy Averill provided the board of directors an update regarding efforts to reinforce the district’s computer network to further reduce the likelihood of significant outages.

“Learning and instruction are increasingly dependent on technology, including access to learning resources on the internet,” reported Averill.  “The district is taking actions to build in redundancy to critical network components in order to continue providing services if and when those components experience failure.”

Key components of the network include the core network router, which now consists of two parts that can be operated independently if one fails, and network fiber. The initial fiber network, completed in 2010, has redundant circuits to all sites, but some of those redundant circuits use the same fiber bundle. We have been working with our provider to add diverse routes on several of those pathways. There is a direct impact on 12 schools. In addition, we’ve added a diverse path to support the district’s secondary data center at Glacier View Junior High School.

In addition to network resiliency, the improvements increase network capacity at all schools by making all circuits active at all times. The original configuration only used one circuit for normal operations and the second circuit as a failover.

“We have also added telephone circuits and a phone switch in our secondary data center, as well as improved the power and environmental systems,” reported Averill.

To view a copy of the slides used in this report, visit the PSD website.

Human Resources Report – The Human Resources report approved by the school board can be found on the HR website.

Upcoming meetings – The next meeting of the Puyallup School District Board of Directors will be at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 3, 2019, at Glacier View Junior High, 12807 – 184th Street E, Puyallup, WA 98374.