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Walker High students compete in business project
Walker High students compete in business project
Posted on 09/25/2017
Walker High students compete in business project

There was lots of lemonade going around at Walker High School last Friday.

It was the culmination of a two-week entrepreneurship competition among students. Students worked in teams to create a business plan and develop a product which they served to judges from colorful, decorated stands in the gym.

WHS students

There were eight teams made up of 10-12 students that were assigned team roles such as CEO, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Research and Development. They created a marketing plan which included a logo, brand name and slogan. Each team made a presentation of their business plan using charts to explain the process they went through each step of the project.

Walker High Senior Payton Dacones said she enjoyed the team project. “Our product tasted really good and we learned to work together as a team while learning about finance,” she added.

After tasting each product – lemonades, smoothies, etc. - judges viewed business plans and interviewed the students to determine winners in each of the categories.

The student teams were judged on:
Best Product
- Best Teamwork
- Best Brand Name & Logo
- Best Business Stand
- Best Marketing Plan
- Best Business Presentation

Walker High School On-Time Graduation Specialist Jodi Boyd said the competition helps students learn to work together as a team. “I’m really proud that they did so well.”

The winning team was announced during an afternoon assembly. The overall winner was determined by the team that made the most profit for their company. Awards were also given to the team with the best stand and the best business plan.

“The purpose of Camp Walker is to build relationships and create a culture for learning,” said Principal Alicia Nosworthy. “The ability to work as a team towards a common goal and effectively resolve conflict along the way are the skills that will establish a foundation for student success throughout the year,” Nosworthy continues. “They all did an amazing job!”

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