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WHS Students use geometry in mini-golf course
WHS Students use geometry in mini-golf course
Posted on 05/16/2018

Students at Walker High School in 2016 created their own miniature golf course using the geometry they learned about in class. The golf course included different obstacles and challenges unique to each putting green.

Themes for putting greens included one that looks like a panda bear, a Seahawks theme, a Holiday tree, Dr. Seuss, and many more creative designs.

After the course was designed, students went to work assembling the course with the help of staff members for pieces requiring power tools such as saws and drills.

The supplies were donated by Mr. Hagen, an instructor at the time at Walker High.

After the course was completed in the gym, classes came through to test their geometry and miniature golf skills on the course.

After all the students got to test out the course themselves, the miniature golf course became available for other Puyallup schools to use for future events as well.

In this highly interactive project, students were able to use their skills in geometry to design, to use their creative skills to decorate the putting greens, as well as their athletic skills on the miniature golf course.