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Superintendent's message
Superintendent Yeomans expresses thanks to the community
Posted on 12/13/2017
Superintendent Yeomans expresses thanks to the community

Taking time to express our thanks to the community that so generously supports our Puyallup schools is always a pleasure. The students of the Puyallup School District have opportunities in the arts, athletics and co-curricular activities that directly support and enhance the learning that they receive in the classroom. 

Participation in the programs provided by our school levies have a direct correlation to the positive involvement and performance of our students as they move forward to further training and education beyond high school.

As most of you are aware, the funds which support these programs come from the regular passage of local school levies. The levies also help pay for additional teacher training, enhanced student technology, as well as additional staffing to support our children beyond the parameters of the state defined “basic education.”

In Puyallup the results of the community investment in our schools is very clear. Students in the Puyallup School District are graduating at record levels many percentage points above state and national averages. Children have access to facilities and participation opportunities that exceed those of many districts in the state. Puyallup is also known widely for the quality of our schools, making it a destination for families locating in the region, thus further supporting our local economy.

On behalf of the nearly 23,000 students who receive their education in the Puyallup School District, we want our community to know that we are extremely appreciative of the positive support and ongoing awareness our community has of the value of educational programs which directly assist in the success of our students. As children grow and matriculate through the Puyallup schools the opportunities that they enjoy are due directly to our community. Simply put, great communities have great schools!

Thank you for your ongoing support of “each child” in Puyallup.