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Students bring home four State Championships
Students bring home four State Championships
Posted on 05/01/2018

It was a special weekend for musicians from Puyallup School District. Students competed in the State Solo and Ensemble Championship and did very well!

On Friday, groups and individuals competed in the Washington Interscholastic Activities AssRHS groupociation (WIAA)/Washington Music Education Association (WMEA) State Ensemble Contest at Central Washington University.

Winners from 22 regions around the state came together to compete. It is a big honor to take part in the contest. Students from all three of the district’s comprehensive high schools participated. This year, approximately 15,000 students state wide competed in instrumental and vocal regional contests.

Students from across Puyallup School District had an exciting day earning four state championships and five placed awards. During the awards ceremony the energy in the gym was nothing short of vivacious. A familiar mantra was heard when students from Rogers High School chanted “Can’t stop the blue train…,” each time a Rogers student was awarded.

“The students deserve all of the credit for their successes at state. This is a special group of students that have gone above and beyond in their efforts this year. This is a tremendous honor for the students, our choir program, Rogers High School, and for the Puyallup School District,” 
said Rogers Choir Director Justin Wisness.

The benefits of music education have been studied for decades, consistently finding strong correlations between music and academic achievement. The performing arts are an important piece of the Puyallup School District academic offerings. Puyallup’s talented students are a part of the district’s long tradition of excellence in the arts.

Congratulations to all the participants.

Emerald Ridge High School

2nd Place: David Wells

 Soprano-Alto Saxophone
2nd Place: Ally Zaro

 Puyallup High School

 Tenor-Baritone Saxophone
3rd Place: Mackenzie Nomakchteinsky

 The Jist: Part Two
3rd Place: Small Men’s Ensemble category
Evan Griffin
Trevor Hansen
Justin Hoy
Isaac McDonald

 The Norselanders
1st Place: Mixed Vocal Large
Ariana Arnold
Sophie Barkhurst
Lisa Courneya
Kassi Engh
Evan Griffin
Madison Hamilton
Colby Handley
Trevor Hansen
Jacob Harris
Justin Hoy
Ivan Luckman
Isaac McDonald
Melanie Pontsler
Lauren Poulin
Samantha Sprague
Jaykub Willis

 Rogers High School

Men of Vocal Ensemble
3rd Place: Large Men’s Ensemble category
Nathanael Atkins
Kevin Collado
Cameron Daves
Tanner Heatherly
Caleb Johnson
Bryton Mackey
Sam Schroeder
Charlie Stevens
Sean Wagnon
Adam Ward

 Women of Vocal Ensemble
1st Place: Large Women’s Ensemble category
Joanna Atkins
Haley Beyer
Emilia Gilsdorf
Alicia Hili
Morgan Holady
Sydney Isaaksen
Hannah Isom
Elaina Knight
Ally Lessard
Rachel Turner 

1st Place: Small Women’s category
Joanna Atkins
Haley Beyer
Hannah Isom
Noelle White

 Four Horsemen
1st Place: Small Men’s Ensemble category
Nathanael Atkins
Cameron Daves
Saige Maiava
Caleb Johnson

Men's Quartet (1)  First Place:

 Men's Quartet (2):

 Women's Quartet (1) First Place:

 Women's Quartet (2):

 Women's Large Ensemble (1)  First Place:

 Women's Large Ensemble (2):

 Men's Large Ensemble (1)  Third Place:

 Men's Large Ensemble (2):