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Students and PTA featured at School Board meeting
Students and PTA featured at School Board meeting
Posted on 09/22/2017

District Highlights

Prior to the meeting student musicians from Puyallup High School Chamber Orchestra performed several pieces. Having recently completed an elementary schools tour, the orchestra performed familiar and lively tunes. View a video of the Pink Panther Theme at the end of these highlights.

Directors were presented with photos from the first day of kindergarten. Chief Communications and Arts Officer Brian Fox commented on the success of the day and celebrated the class of 2030.

Next, building principals and PTA leadership from Maplewood Elementary and Shaw Road Elementary were invited to come forward for recognition. In July the school board formally accepted financial donations to the district from each PTA.

Maplewood PTA gifted the district $6,000 towards the purchase and installation of an electronic message board in front of the school. Principal Susan Walton thanked the parents of Maplewood for their hard work in raising this money.

Shaw Road PTA gifted the district $32,000 towards the purchase and installation of playground equipment. Principal Michelle Cruckshank spoke highly of PTA leadership and thanked Shaw Road parents for their support.

Finally, Fox presented photos taken at A Day of Teaching and Learning at the Fair which was held at the Washington State Fair on Wednesday, September 13. To learn more about the day’s events, see the front page of this website.

Action Taken – Collective Bargaining Agreements

PSD Board of Directors approved collective bargaining agreements as presented by Chief Human Resources Officer Amie Brandmire.

The district reached tentative agreements with three bargaining groups including:

  • The International Union of Operating Engineers (Bus Drivers)
  • The Puyallup Education Support Professionals Association (Paraeducators)
  • The Puyallup School Food Service Association.

Board Policy Updates

Directors were presented a second reading of several school board policies which have been revised due to legislative changes, suggestions by the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) or to implement district efficiencies and effective use of available resources. These policies include:

Policy 2162 - Education of Students with Disabilities Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

Policy 3115 - Homeless Students:  Enrollment Rights and Services

Policy 3116 - Students in Foster Care

Directors approved all revised policies.

Report – Preschool Expansion

Chief Instructional Leadership Officer Vince Pecchia was joined by Director of Special Education Kelly Carrick and Shaw Road Elementary Principal Michelle Cruckshank in presenting information pertaining to the district’s current preschool program and plans for future expansion.

Currently the district offers preschool programs in nine elementary schools for students who are served on Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and for families seeking a peer model program for children who do not qualify for an IEP.

Beginning in the 2019-20 school year the district is planning to expand preschool to Firgrove and Mountain View elementaries. In addition, starting with the 2020-21 school year, the district will add additional preschool programs at Pope Elementary.

To read more detail about this plan, visit the PSD website.

Report – Summer Capital Projects

Chief Operations Officer Mario Casello presented the directors with highlights of key summer projects completed in school building during the summer of 2017. Capital Projects and Maintenance teams worked on over 140 active projects benefitting students, staff and the community of all schools and support facilities.

Some of the projects were a continuation of the Life Cycle Projects from the 2014 levy which consisted of about 105 projects ranging from building envelope upgrades, to replacement of systems, installation of carpet and new furniture, mechanical and electrical upgrades, and the replacement of roofs, windows, and doors. 

To see photos of many of the summer projects, visit the PSD website.

July 2017 Financial Statements

Laura Marcoe, director of business services, presented directors with financial statements for the district’s General Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Debt Service Fund, Associated Student Body Fund, Transportation Vehicle Fund, and the Private Purpose Trust Fund.

Marcoe noted that General Fund expenditures exceeded revenue decreasing the fund balance. The PSD fund balance is expected to decline through the end of the fiscal year.

In addition, Marcoe presented directors with an overview of school and operations investments made over the course of the past few months.

To view a list of these investments and view the slides used in this presentation, visit the PSD website.

Upcoming Meetings

The next meeting the Puyallup School District Board of Directors will be on Monday, October 2, 2017 beginning at 6 p.m. at Ballou Junior High School at 9916 – 136th Street East, Puyallup, 98373.