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No school for students October 12 and 13
No school for students October 12 and 13
Posted on 10/12/2017
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On October 12 and 13 Puyallup students will enjoy some time away from school. However, teachers will be hard at work attending meetings and classes designed around the Puyallup School District’s instructional framework.

During the morning of October 12, educators will focus on creating safe and welcoming learning environments for all students by participating in activities that promote kindness and acceptance of our diverse community.  This will be followed by grade level teams collaborating and establishing student growth goals aligned to our essential standards.  As they work with colleagues, teachers will determine pathways of support that address students' academic and social/emotional needs.  

During the afternoon of October 12, educators will work with their job-alike peers aligning essential standards with assessment and instructional practices and/or engaging in meaningful learning activities that are unique to their positions.  Chief Instructional Leadership Officer Vince Pecchia is looking forward to a productive and meaningful work day on October 12. “Our collective work as a team will continue to benefit all of our students throughout the district,” says Pecchia.

Professional Development days are embedded into the school calendar per negotiations with the Puyallup Educators Association. To view the school calendar and take note of future Professional Development days see the district student calendar.