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Celebrating Seniors!
Celebrating Seniors
Posted on 05/02/2018
Celebrating Seniors

In honor of National Decision Day, Emerald Ridge and Rogers high schools celebrated all seniors on May 1, in recognition of their post high school decisions. Puyallup High will hold Decision Day on June 1.

The seniors were honored during assemblies in front of students, staff, and parents. They entered the gymnasium amid music, cheers, and applause. They held signs and wore clothing identifying colleges, technical schools, and the military branches they will attend after graduation.

Ninth graders from the local junior highs were invited to attend so they could reflect on planning and exploring options that are necessary to prepare for graduation.

At Emerald Ridge, Superintendent Tim Yeomans addressed the seniors. “One of the goals we have had for you for years is a post high school opportunity. No matter where you go in the world, this will always be your home. We are really excited to celebrate you today,” he said.

At Rogers, Principal Jason Smith said, "
Decision Day at Rogers is about celebrating our seniors who have completed a post high school plan. It’s about recognizing their hard work as they venture off into university settings, apprenticeships, military, and a variety of other opportunities. Decision Day was brought to Rogers by our AVID and Leadership programs."