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Puyallup schools are welcoming places
Puyallup schools are welcoming places
Posted on 02/03/2017
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A message from Assistant Superintendent Casey Cox

In a season of political and social unrest it is reassuring to know that schools are still a welcoming place for all students and all families. Puyallup School District staff are committed to the well-being, emotional and social stability of all students. We continue to provide an excellent education for all Puyallup children focused on the best principles of American Life.

Puyallup families are bombarded each day with a myriad of conflicting statements that are developed to increase readership, provide the basis of conflict among people, and provide fodder for local talk radio. Yet every day, in every way, the world that extends beyond the marble walls of our executive and legislative branches embraces the best qualities of humanity.

The advent of social media has made it possible for one percent of the human race to dominate the airwaves with hate and ignorance, yet for the rest of the world, the struggle to survive and thrive depends on the collective responsibility of the communities in which they live.

Religion, race, and culture are not new flashpoints of conflict, they have existed for eternity and our history books tell the reoccurring theme of those who try to use this conflict for personal or political gain. Yet in every case, the world has rallied around the basic tenets of humanity to rise above and to prove that the silent majority will in fact, always rise up to guarantee that society advances in a progressive manner, determined to serve its people.

Today you will see that school districts in other parts ofLasso the nation are asking their leaders to develop safe havens for immigrants. I am here to suggest that you are already doing this each and every day. Our schools, our auxiliary services, and our staff members are in fact this safe haven for our students. We will do what we have always done, sacrifice all to protect and educate our children regardless of turmoil that swirls about them in the outside world.

meekerDistrict staff are highly trained, professional, and serve our families with dignity and grace. Our schools, not the brick and mortar, but the people within them are safe havens for our students and our community. We will continue to welcome families from all walks of life, of every religion and culture, and from every political slant. We will use our knowledge to educate why advanced citizenship is necessary, why history is the future, and how great citizens can thrive and survive in a complex world.

We realize it is easy to criticize one group of thought or another, but in the end also know that our greatest accomplishment will be the ability of our students to bemom and student at FG great consumers of information and lifelong learners. We and Us, not THEY will be the hope, promise, and empathy for a world that can be cruel and uncaring to the individual.

In Puyallup schools every individual matters and our schools and staff stand ready to provide a safe and comfortable environment to experience the best our world has to offer.

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