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Introducing Schoology
Introducing Schoology
Posted on 09/08/2016
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The Puyallup School District is excited to announce a new partnership with the Learning Management System known as Schoology (pronounced skoo-luh-jee)!

The purpose of this partnership is to give teachers the ability to create, manage, and share digital curriculum with their students, as well as access a wide and varied range of learning resources.  Schoology will also give families the ability to stay informed about school events and student course work, including homework, assignments, projects, tests and quizzes.

While the district will still maintain a website, as well as the Home Access Center (HAC), we believe Schoology will eventually replace the many functions of both sites and will be the primary means of communication between teachers and parents. 

All current students in the district have an account that is linked to their teacher(s) and course work.   Beginning this fall, parents will also have the ability to create an account that will link with their child’s information.

September is a time for teachers to learn more about this new communications tool and prepare information on Schoology. Later in September teachers will have information posted on Schoology for parents to access.

When teachers have had time to prepare their Schoology pages, the district will send personalized activation codes and step-by-step instructions that will assist in creating these accounts.  Once parents receive their personalized code, they can create an account that links to their child.

We strongly encourage all parents to take advantage of this learning and communication tool.  Watch for additional information regarding parent access to arrive soon.  In the meantime, more information can be found about this Learning Management System on the Schoology website at