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Congratulations to 14 Advance and Gateway graduates
Congratulations to 14 Advance and Gateway graduates
Posted on 06/19/2017
Congratulations to 14 Advance and Gateway graduatest

It was a night of celebration for 14 students graduating from the Advance and Gateway programs as they were honored in front of friends, family, and staff during a graduation ceremony held at the Pioneer Park Pavilion on June 14.

The audience was welcomed by Superintendent Tim Yeomans who thanked parents, staff, and the community for working as partners to help students be successful. “We deeply appreciate the community partners and the work that goes into supporting children, even after they leave the k-12 system,” said Yeomans.

Advance and Gateway serve as transition programs for adult students with disabilities. Planning with the future in mind, they focus on competitive/supported employment, volunteer opportunities, community participation, recreation and leisure and, when appropriate, daily living skills. "The community is our classroom!," said Advance teacher Gary Jeffers.

A special acknowledgement and recognition was given to community partners who participate in the transition process. They provide job training sites and performance evaluations for the students as part of their vocational education. Other community partners provide job development and employment stabilization for students transitioning into employment after graduation.

Jeffers said students graduating from the program are linked to all available services for which they are eligible and, 11 of 14 of this year’s students are either currently placed in a job or have interviewed and are expected to be placed soon.

A reception with cake was held following the ceremony.

Nancy French