7th Annual Marge Salmon Math Relay
7th Annual Marge Salmon Math Relay
Posted on 10/21/2016
Math relay scheduled for October 21

The Seventh Annual Marge Salmon Math Relay took place on Friday, October 21 at Sparks Stadium from 9:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

The event featured students in fifth and sixth grades competing in teams. An obstacle course was set up for students to run, jump through hula hoops, perform jumping jacks, and jump rope. They stopped along the way at stations where volunteers presented them with math facts. Students had to answer 10 math facts correctly before continuing to the next station. 

Puyallup elementary schools participated along with Cascade Christian and Chief Leschi.

As in previous years, the event was coordinated and co-hosted by Puyallup teacher Greg Farias and Director of Instructional Leadership Amanda Kraft.

The event was held in honor of longtime Puyallup teacher Marge Salmon. “Marge showed compassion and dedication to her students and school and was a true role model for all of us,” said Farias. 

Volunteers included staff, parents, and student leaders from Rogers High and Aylen and Kalles junior high schools.

”It is exciting to see former participants of the Math Relay give back by volunteering. The junior high and high school students help turn flash cards and collect times from each team. They also serve as cheerleaders and encourage ALL our students to have fun and work hard. I love seeing these students give back to their community,” said Kraft.

Nancy French