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Students combine fitness and math in annual relay
Students combine fitness and math in annual relay
Posted on 10/27/2015
ore than 1,500 fifth- and sixth- grade students from Puyallup elementary schools, All Saints Catholic School, and Chief Leschi Schools came together at Sparks Stadium on October 23 to participate in the Sixth Annual Marge Salmon Math Relay. Tag-team members ran from station to station performing fitness skills including jumping jacks, push-ups, and jump-rope, and solved math problems on flash cards in order to advance to the next station.


The event is coordinated and co-hosted by Puyallup teachers Greg Farias and Amanda Kraft.


Volunteers were on hand to help with the relay by timing the tag-teams and assisting at the stations which included helping with the multiplication and division flash cards. High school and junior high students helped coordinate the activities and record the relay times for each team. More than 50 Kalles students, accompanied by Principal Guy Kovacs, came prepared to volunteer and support the event. Student volunteers from Emerald Ridge and Rogers high schools recorded the times for all of the teams.


The relay began with an introduction and welcome by event co-host Greg Farias and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner by Kalles ninth-grader Sofie Barkhurst.


The Math Relay is the result of a collaboration between the health and fitness and math departments according to Rick Wells, director of athletics, health and fitness. The Health and Fitness Department provided the equipment and hosted the event at Sparks Stadium, while the District Math Department provided funds for the bus transportation to and from the event. Wells stated “The kids love it. The event originally started with the valley schools and we liked it so much that it has expanded to the whole district.”


Executive Director of Instructional Leadership, Dr. Christine Moloney, said “This event helps create an excitement around math and physical fitness that can be heard in the cheers of the students for each other and seen on the faces of the teachers and hundreds of volunteers. This event brings our students, our parents, and our teachers together.  Thank you to all who helped make this event such a success.   


Greg Farias thanked all who helped make the event a huge success. ”A Special ’Mahalo’ to many individuals: staff members who helped and supported the event, students those who participated and those who helped including students from Kalles Junior High and Rogers and Emerald Ridge high schools. And of course, thank you to ‘our parents’. Well done!”


Farias also recognized the "great support" of the Puyallup School District, including Superintendent Tim Yeomans, Christine Maloney, executive director of instructional leadership, and Rick Wells, director of athletics and health and fitness. Marge Salmon "is proud of us all.”


The math relay event is held in recognition of the late Marge Salmon, a teacher who retired in 2011. “Through this work we hope to honor Marge Salmon, a long-time teacher of the Puyallup School District. Marge showed compassion and dedication to her students and school, and was a true role model for all of us” stated co-host Amanda Kraft.


Mt. View Elementary students attended the relay for the first time this year. Principal Brian Curtis added “Marge Salmon would be honored.”


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