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09-26-13: Connect with schools on new websites
09-26-13: Connect with schools on new websites
Posted on 09/26/2013

New school websites launched this summer are designed to keep families informed about school events and information.


As more teachers are trained this year in how to create classroom Web pages, the sites will also provide detailed information such as homework assignments, test dates, field trip plans, team and club activities, and updates on student learning.


While the general school pages are able to be accessed via computer by anyone in the community, parents or guardians of all students in preschool through grade 12 must create accounts and log in to see more personalized classroom information for each child.


Letters explaining how to activate and use the new Edline Web Management System will be provided to parents by early September from each child’s school. Activation codes will be included in each letter.Image


Parents or guardians without access to a computer can log in to the school websites from public computers available at local libraries.


More than 250 teachers have been trained during spring and summer in how to create their classroom Web pages, which are replacing the former SWIFT teacher sites.


All other classroom teachers will be trained by the end of September, said David Pickles, project manager with the school district’s Information Technology Center.


Pickles has been leading the trainings throughout the summer and said teachers are excited about the possibilities for enhanced communication with families.


Teacher Web pages are being phased in throughout the 2013-14 school year as more staff members are trained in the process. Every classroom teacher will be expected to have a class page launched by the start of the 2014-15 school year.


The new Edline system gives parents the option to view a combined calendar, in which all of their childrens’ activities or events entered by their teachers are listed on one calendar.


The school websites are the next phase in the district’s transition to the Edline communications platform.


The district launched its newly designed website in May, along with the Karshner Elementary, Ballou Junior High, and Walker High school sites.


The new sites are designed to make retrieving information easier and more effcient, said Brian Fox, executive director of communications, information, and arts education.


The goal, Fox said, is to actively engage students, teachers, families, and the community through photos, videos, and information that is updated regularly.


The new website is also easily accessible from mobile phones and other mobile devices.