09-12-13: Students return to Ferrucci Junior High on Thursday, September 12
09-12-13: Students return to Ferrucci Junior High on Thursday, September 12
Posted on 09/12/2013

Ferrucci Junior High students returned to their junior high campus for school today, Thursday, September 12 now that building air samples have tested clean following water damage from last Friday’s rain storm. View slideshow


School is operating on regular schedule and all after-school activities are being held as scheduled on the Ferrucci Junior High campus.

“The building is dry and the air is safe for students and staff to return,” said the school district’s Chief Operations Officer Rudy Fyles. The district learned at noon on September 11 that the air tested clean, signaling the building is ready for occupancy.

Work will continue over the next 10 days after school hours and on weekends to replace sheetrock, paint, and re-install cabinets in damaged areas, Fyles said.

Puyallup School District operations employees worked closely with clean-up specialists since Friday to ensure a healthy working and learning environment for students and staff. The heavy rain resulted in water damage inside part of the school building.

Wall board was removed between classrooms to facilitate better air flow, water-damaged ceiling tiles and wall board were removed, and all air in the school building was “scrubbed” (replaced with clean air) using industrial quality fans and ventilation systems.

Industrial-strength machines set up throughout the campus sucked and filtered air from inside the school, then moved it outside through long plastic bags that resembled chutes hanging outside classroom windows.

As the old air was removed from the building, new clean air was forced inside. This process was repeated 100 times each day until the air particles throughout the building tested clean, Fyles said.

Students returned to their campus today after having attended classes on September 11 at Emerald Ridge High School, preceded by three days of school cancellations.

“I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Ferrucci Junior High students, staff, parents, and the community for their patience and cooperation as we worked to get the school building ready for safe occupancy,” said Superintendent Tim Yeomans. “I also want to thank the numerous people who worked around the clock to clean up and repair the campus, as well as the Emerald Ridge High staff for welcoming and accommodating the Ferrucci Junior High students. We are pleased to have the junior high students return once again to a clean and safe learning environment.”

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