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01-07-14: School safety is always our highest priority
01-07-14: School safety is always our highest priority
Posted on 01/07/2014

This morning, at the Puyallup School District office in downtown Puyallup, a neon orange toy gun was found in the parking lot flower bed.  The barrel of the toy gun had been melted and bent backwards with the words “Sandy Hook Elem” written on it.  


The Puyallup Police were called and the item w01-as taken for inspection.  They are looking for fingerprints on the toy and are consulting with local businesses for any camera footage that may exist.


The Puyallup Police have identified this as a suspicious item, but do not believe there to be any threat to the district or to the schools.  We have received no threats of any kind.


We have found no other such items, although we did ask all school principals to check school parking lots to ensure that nothing existed elsewhere. 


School safety is of the utmost importance to us. Please continue to talk with your students about school safety, the danger of weapons in school, and the importance of sharing any information they may have with adults.