02-23-12: City and school district display student art
02-23-12: City and school district display student art

Puyallup School District student art is on formal display this year at both Puyallup City Hall and the district’s administrative office.

At City Hall, student art is in glass display cases in main hallways on the second, third, and fourth floors, as well as inside the third-floor Public Utility Office.

The displays feature both two-dimensional visual art and three-dimensional pieces, including ceramics.

“This has been a great addition to City Hall,” said City Manager Ralph Dannenberg. “The community is glad to see what the youth are doing, and we want to see this program continue.”

There are two art collections at the school district’s Education Service Center, which houses administrative offices on the corner of Pioneer Avenue and Second Street.

The first collection represents annual Dan Vesey Art Exhibit winners. The district purchases the pieces from student artists each spring and adds to the collection each year. There are more than a dozen pieces on display on the first and second floors.

The second collection highlights kindergarten through grade 12 student art that will be replaced every several months. The pieces are selected by teachers at the building level and are accompanied by a short write-up that describes the lesson and learning goals.

Puyallup High art teacher Lynda Belt, who has also served as the district’s arts facilitator the past six years, works with teachers at the 32 schools to acquire artwork for display.

When selecting student work, Belt said she is particularly interested in elementary school art that illustrates how teachers have integrated art and literature in their lessons.

In junior high and high schools, she looks for examples of how students have met the state-established art learning standards.

“Art is another way for students to show what they know, and by integrating art into other content areas such as reading or social studies, students make a deeper connection to the learning,” Belt said.