02-21-12: Students collect more than 84,000 items in food drive
02-21-12: Students collect more than 84,000 items in food drive

When there is a need, Puyallup students and employees find a way not only to respond, but to respond in a big way.

This year’s annual district food drive was no exception.

For the second year in a row, schools collected more than 84,000 items, including food and toys, to help people in need in the Puyallup area. The food drive ran from November 21 through December 9.

Donations were given to multiple community organizations that help struggling families, including Puyallup FISH Food Bank, Edgewood Community Food Bank, Puyallup Elks, and the Puyallup Police Department Santa Cops program.

The more than 84,000 items demonstrates “a districtwide desire to provide for families in need during the holiday season,” said Nicholaus Sutherland, an administrative intern who coordinated this year’s food drive.

Sutherland shared with the school board last month that more than 2,300 families were served with items collected. Administrative interns Mark Harris and Janet Wojtala assisted Sutherland with this year’s districtwide drive.

The following schools are noteworthy, Sutherland said, for having collected the most items in their grade levels:

  • Brouillet Elementary School, which collected 4,100 items for the Puyallup Elks, and Shaw Road Elementary, which collected 4,000 items for Santa Cops.
  • Ferrucci Junior High, which collected 8,000 items for the Puyallup FISH Food Bank.
  • Emerald Ridge High, which collected 10,499 items for the Puyallup Elks.

Sutherland also praised the efforts of Aylen Junior High School’s annual “Fill the Bus” food drive. The school’s leadership class partners with Fruitland, Karshner, Maplewood, and Waller Road elementary schools to collect food for the Puyallup Elks. This year, the schools collectively brought in more than 13,500 items.

Mt. View Elementary, one of the district’s smallest schools with 311 students, collected 2,896 items — 97 percent of the school goal.