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Puyallup Press: September 23, 2021
One of the more joyful aspects of my role is the ability to visit schools and see students and learning in action. This week I had the pleasure of visiting Waller Road, Ridgecrest, Zeiger, and Rogers, in addition to observing alternative learning experiences at Puyallup Digital Learning (PDL).

Although the first few weeks of school have gone by very quickly, I will gradually get through visiting all schools and various support sites. I’m charmed by our newest learners in kindergarten classrooms and impressed by the resilience of our students and staff in all of our schools, particularly those in the PDL program as they have transitioned to a new location at the recently constructed Kessler Center.

Student activities are underway in schools with many sports competitions successfully taking place. Thank you to athletic teams and event staff for their diligence in keeping students, staff and community members as safe as possible. Remember to mask up when at an indoor event, and outdoor events where there are over 500 in attendance.

As we settle into the 2021-22 school year, academic acceleration and social-emotional recovery for students will be focused on a sense of belonging. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish together. During my school visits I’ve already seen this in action and am proud of the progress we are making to reimagine our tradition of excellence.

In service and support,

Dr. John Polm