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Puyallup Press: November 4, 2021

By presidential proclamation, November is Native American Heritage month, a month to remember the contributions of Native Americans and Alaska Natives and to honor the unique heritage of our continent’s first people.

As a District, we understand the importance of acknowledging the Puyallup people, cultivating relationships with our local tribal community, educating our students on Native American history and perspectives, and, most important, supporting students who identify as Native Americans.

This month, we’ve partnered with the Puyallup Tribal Language Program in a yard sign initiative to celebrate and bring awareness to the Puyallup Tribal language of our students and families.

The yard signs were created by Puyallup Tribal artists to raise awareness for the Twultshootseed tribal language celebrating the Puyallup Tribe and culture. The Puyallup Tribal Language Program donated 34 signs to each of our 34 schools. This video provides a preview of the artwork and messaging that you may see on school campuses.

Join with us in celebrating the voices of Native American students and families. Puyallup School District is grateful to have shared space with you.

In service and support,

Dr. John Polm