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PSD Connectivity: May 27, 2021

Schools remain an important partner in recovering from the pandemic. Our efforts continue to focus on providing resources that promote student learning. Resources supporting physical and emotional health in students ensure academic success. In partnership with Kirk’s Pharmacy, we hosted our third vaccination clinic this week at Governor John Rogers High School. Available to those ages 12 and up, this week’s clinic provided approximately 1,000 students with a first dose of the vaccine.

Thank you to everyone who supports this tremendous work. School staff, family volunteers, and community partners have come together all over Pierce County to increase vaccination awareness and rates. I look forward to moving past the health and safety constraints of the pandemic, in which we can resume a sense of normalcy and participate in activities that serve our students. Schools are not islands. Our schools reflect the efforts and conditions that exist in our community.

Thank you for supporting healthy students, healthy schools, and healthy communities.

In service and support,

Dr. John Polm