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August 13, 2020 Video Transcription

Video Transcription:


 As we zero in on the first day of school – September 3rd – and what that looks like for staff and families – we continue rethinking how to best support student learning in a full-time distance learning model.  

I'd like to share with you details on the learning plans and health and information about health and safety.  Families can count on set schedules, daily live instruction, expectations for engagement, and daily attendance.  Districts are required to provide this for each student, daily.  Our state requirement of providing 180 instructional days and meeting minimum hours of planned instruction each year has not changed.  

 This requirement has driven the need for more structure and even more simulation of a traditional school day in our plans.  This means you can count on a 6-hour student day that offers both live instruction and time dedicated to practice skills.  

 At the top of our list is finding ways to support our most vulnerable students.  With this focus in mind, we have rolled out a return-to-worksite plan for all staff.  When school begins, we plan to offer in-person services to some of our most vulnerable students.  This includes, but is not limited to, small groups of special education, EL, Title I and LAP students.  

 The work of reopening schools in a full-time distance learning model will be most efficiently done in our regular work environment.  School campuses assure access to resources and provides time to establish and practice health and safety measures prior to all students returning.  With ample space, strict health and safety measures, technology support, and instructional resources, your child will be taught by teachers from their classrooms.  

 Our Operations department has increased disinfecting protocol with an emphasis on sanitizing commonly touched surfaces in classrooms, offices, cubicles, and meeting rooms in schools.  This includes counters, tables, desks, chairs, and commonly touched surfaces. Additionally, we have implemented safety measures above what is required on our HVAC systems, and enabling maximum fresh air flow with frequent filter replacement.   

 Custodians will maintain stock on all cleaning supplies including disinfectant, gloves, face masks, and paper towels. 

Why is this important for you to know?  Because this brings us one step closer to a gradual reopening. Take care of yourselves and each other.  Thank you for your continued patience and grace.  Our schools look forward to seeing you virtually or physically – at a distance.