Help Desk

The Help Desk team is available to provide assistance to parents, students and district staff. We are available to answer your call during the hours of 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday. The phone number to reach Help Desk is 253-841-8600.


EdTec is observing safe practices and following social distancing guidelines.  Therefore, we are encouraging customers to call the Help Desk, 253-841-8600, to schedule an in person appointment.  If you arrive without an appointment, you may have to wait until other customers are served.  Please wear a face covering when you arrive for your appointment.

How do I contact the Help Desk?
The Help Desk can be reached three different ways:

Submit a Web Form (see below)

Phone: 253-841-8600



How Will The Help Desk Communicate With Customers?

When the customer calls or completes a web form, a support ticket is created. The customer will receive an email from the ticket system that includes a ticket ID number (e.g. T181101-001) and a summary of the request.

A help desk technician may contact the customer for more information such as, building location, type of equipment / device, barcode and model number. In addition, the technician may provide some troubleshooting steps that may resolve the issue. If the help desk is not able to resolve the issue, they will escalate your ticket to another technician.