Karshner Elementary - Fire Restoration

Project Description: On July 5, 2020, a fire broke out at Karshner Elementary causing extensive fire, water, and smoke damage to the east half of the building. The west half and some portables sustained less severe smoke and water damage. All areas required immediate clean up and mitigation measures. Damaged materials were removed, a temporary roof was installed, and areas were dried out to reduce further damage. Assessments are being done to determine the scope of the restoration needed. Design, permitting and construction services will be established based on the assessments.

PSD is working with insurance company specialists on the restoration. The restoration plan will rebuild the school to the original design to the extent possible. No expansion is anticipated.

Karshner Elementary is expected to be closed for clean-up and restoration until sometime in 2021. In the interim, Karshner students will be housed in the old Firgrove Elementary School buildings.

News & Updates:

10/21/20 - Preparations to set up classroom A/V were complete by mid-September. HVAC repairs are complete. A fence enclosure has been installed to separate Garco construction from the play yard and public yard areas. The reader board sign was replaced with a Karshner sign early in October. Roof repairs begin tomorrow and will continue through most of next week.

10/16/20 - BCRA and  Clevenger Associates will work together to coordinate the Food Services equipment and build out.

9/3/20 - All safety and communication systems are installed and operational. Smart boards were installed last week and operational.  HVAC repairs are in progress.  Fencing around the play area will be installed prior to students returning to school.

08.07.20 - A tour of old Firgrove was conducted with consultants to review the current condition of the school. A scope of work was developed to prepare the building for Karshner.

07.21.20 - An assessment of the Firgrove interior was done and only touch-up painting is needed.  Security cameras and wireless access points will be reinstalled, and networking completed. The district is getting a proposal to repair the roof. EdTec has inventoried the Smart Boards at Karshner and they will be installed at Firgrove.