Ballou Junior High Addition

Project Description: 

The Ballou Junior High Addition is a GC/CM (General Contractor/Construction Manager) project to construct an addition south of the existing facility which would increase  capacity to 1,000 students.

Modifications will include 7 additional classrooms, 2 science rooms, a new library , an auxiliary gym, and removal of portables. Remodeling would be limited to tying the new building to the existing school and converting the existing library into special services spaces (OT/PT, etc.).  The existing boiler, cooling tower and valves will also be replaced.

News and Updates:

2/8/2021 – Sheetrock in the west end of the new building is complete, painting will occur next week, and ceiling installation will start the following week. Storefront windows are about 70% installed. Sheetrock installation on the east end is about 15% complete. The permanent roof membrane is installed over the Aux Gym and dry-out is in progress. Selective demolition for openings into the main gym are complete. The exterior wall membrane and insulation are about 40% installed. The cooling tower is set in place, but tie-in will not occur until investigation and repairs to the underground hydronic lines are complete.

1/6/21 - The 500 Building (Library/Classroom) is fully framed and dried-in with the permanent roof installed. Mechanical and electrical rough-in is about 70% complete. Installation of the gypsum wallboard is scheduled to start in late January. Exterior masonry is complete. Exterior wall flashing and rain barrier is in progress with a full rain barrier protecting the building from weather. Window installation began over the holidays and is about 10% complete. The 400 Building (Auxiliary Gym) is fully framed and has a temporary roof membrane installed. Installation of the rain barrier is about 20% complete. Rough-in mechanical and electrical will begin next week. The main electrical service (switchgear and transformer) for the campus was replaced over Winter Break. The existing cooling tower replacement will begin next week.

11/6/20 - Building 500 exterior walls and roof framing are complete. A temporary roof membrane covers all of the interior spaces. Plastic sheeting covers the window and door openings to allow dry-in. Interior non-structural walls are 90% complete. Mechanical and electrical rough-in in the walls is in progress (about 25% complete). Framing of the 400 Building started this week. Side sewer extension from the kitchen is complete.

10/21/20 - The framing of the outside walls and roof sheathing of Building 500 (new building with library and classrooms))is 90% complete. The vapor barrier membrane (temp roof) installation is scheduled to start tomorrow. A working surface of recycled crushed concrete has been laid around the building perimeter, which has held up well in recent rains. The underground work is complete to the building. The floor slab for Building 400 (auxiliary gym) was poured on 10/19. The side sewer for the kitchen will begin next week. Framing at Building 400 will begin on 10/26.

9/3/20 – The water main is connected and inspections by Firgrove Mutual Water scheduled on 9/10. Forced sewer main is installed and will be connected this week. Concrete floor slabs at Building 500 are placed, footing drain installation in progress, damp proofing applied to footing walls. Framing of exterior walls has commenced on the west end. Footing excavation and forms for Auxiliary Gym addition will start on 9/7 and the floor slab pour is scheduled on 10/8.

8/7/20 – Water main installation is complete. Backfill of Building 500 foundations has begun and plumbing and electrical underground rough-in under the slab will begin next week. Pour dates for floor slab scheduled for August 24 & 27. Foundations delayed at Building 400 (Aux Gym) due to ongoing sewer permit review. 

7/27/20 - In preparation for construction, some portables were moved to other district locations in early May. Garco Construction  broke ground on 5/29/2020.  Improvements to the existing water line were done by other agencies in June. Concrete footings for the existing Library building were poured at the end of June as well as  excavation for footings for the new building. Underground stormwater, gas, and electric utilities are in progress. Floor slabs for all new spaces are scheduled to be poured at the end of August.