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Ferrucci Junior High Addition

Project Description:

The Ferrucci project will construct an addition of approximately 18,000 square foot east of the existing facility and an addition to the Commons of approximately 3,700 sq. ft. The modifications will include ten (10) classrooms, expansion of the Office and Commons, removal of portables, expansion of the bus loop and parking areas, and conversion of a computer lab to a drama classroom. Remodeling will change the building entry to the Commons through a secure vestibule to increase safety and security. Cosmetic and functional improvements are anticipated for the existing building as budget allows. The upgrades will align more closely with our 1,000 student educational specification..

The Dream is Closer to Reality

FJH entryNAC Architecture recently presented conceptual drawings of the Ferrucci Addition project which helps to visualize the various aspects of the project and how the additions will be incorporated into the existing school. Recognize that these are conceptual and the final building finishes may not be exactly as depicted in these drawings.

To view the drawings, please click