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Professional Technical and Exempt Employees

Description: Psychologist Interns, Retirement Specialists, System Programmers, Network System Specialists, Technology Support Specialists, etc.

Collective Bargaining Agreement: N/A

Salary Schedules: 
Professional/Technical Salary Schedule for 2022-23
 • Exempt Unrepresented Salary Schedule for 2022-23

• Health Care, Retirement & Paid Leave

Work Calendar:
 • 2022-23 195-day Calendar
 • 2022-23 260-day Calendar

 • Professional Technical and Unrepresented Evaluation Form

Job Descriptions: 
Accounting Supervisor
Maintenance Supervisor
Critical Building Systems Specialist
Human Resource Generalist
Human Resources Information Generalist
Operations Supervisor
Payroll Supervisor
Recruitment and Substitute Services Generalist
Risk Management Analyst
Transportation Shop Supervisor
Transportation Supervisor
Business Information Analyst
Capital Projects Procurement & Contracts Manager
Finance Manager
Special Services Compliance Manager
Application Analyst Team Lead
Assessment Manager
Cyber Security Engineer Team Lead
Help Desk Team Lead
Modern Management Engineer Team Lead
1:1 Technology Team Lead
Network Telecom Engineer Team Lead
Project Management Systems Coordinator
Systems Engineer Team Lead
Technology Team Lead
Applications and Data Services Manager
Communications Manager
Solutions Engineering Manager

Organizational Charts can be found here.