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Part-Time Homeschool Enrollment
A student who has filed a current Declaration of Intent to Homeschool may attend his/her neighborhood school for one or more courses.  Please complete Form 2166 F2, Request for Part-Time Attendance or Ancillary Services From a Student Receiving Home-Based Instruction.   

Once on file, parents will be given a copy of these forms to take to their student’s resident school and work with the principal or designee in accessing the available courses.  It shall be expected that the student will complete all course expectations. 
Special Education and related services are available to home-based education students who are enrolled part-time in the district equivalent to the recommended special education program.
For any course requiring prerequisites, sufficient documentation must be provided to indicate that the student has the appropriate skill level to enter the class. These classes include any courses offered by the Puyallup School District.