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Young Scholars Program Overview

K-2: Young Scholars is for highly capable students in kindergarten, first, and second grade. Identified students at each elementary school participate in a multi-age group for two 30-minute sessions each normal school week. The program is available in each elementary school.

The learning activities in the Young Scholars Program are designed for highly capable students. The activities extend basic skills and supplement regular classwork. In the Young Scholars Program, students study patterns in language and learn about the world around them through science topics. The activities help students develop a rich vocabulary and encourage them to think deeply. The multi-age grouping gives students a chance to work with other students who have similar learning needs.

2nd grade testing for Young Scholars

The Multidisciplinary Selection Committee will review the results of the full CogAT and district assessments (STAR and Math Computational Screener) to determine placement in QUEST for the 2023-2024 school year.  Those eligible second grade students who took the CogAT with evidence of high academic performance (STAR Reading and STAR Math scores of 80 percentile or above) may appeal the decision of the Multidisciplinary Selection Committee by submitting a completed appeal form. Reasons for the appeal and additional evidence must be included. Send the appeal form to [email protected] by April 7, 2023. 


Q: Can my kindergartner test twice for Young Scholars?

A: Yes, this is the only grade that a student can test twice in one year.

Q: Does my Kindergartner or 1st grader need to retest to stay in the program?

A: No, they will remain in program until 2nd grade; and then all HP students will be re-evaluated by the multi-disciplinary committee for proper placement.

Q: How often does my child in Young Scholars receive services?

A:  Young Scholars is offered at all elementary schools twice a week, 30 minutes each session.